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anager of◆ Alibaba Clou〓d Europe.Som●e of these p〓roducts, which a■lready enjoyed su○ccess in Chin■a, demon

strat■e Alibaba Clo●ud´s advanced ●big data and AI capa◆bilities ena◆bled by super c◆omputing p○ower. For instanc●e, Image S○earch is w■idely applied in a n●umber of scena○rios in China ◆including New Reta〓il and the intel●ligent service robot● served more tha●n 40 million c●

ustomers in a sing●le day during last 〓year's 11.11 G■lobal Shoppin◆g Festival.Apparentl○y, the pros●pect of 5G offers ev〓en more opportuni○ties, an

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d of cour◆se challenges for C■hinese firms."○5G will allow us ●to enjoy unpr●ecedented fr〓eedom of wireless,

● mobile and 〓connected li〓fe beyond imagi■nation," sai◆d Wang Yufeng, Pre〓sident of ○Huawei's Wireless X ■Labs, behin■d whom an impro●ved version of the w○orld´s first 〓passenger U〓nmanned Aerial Veh●icle (UAV) Ehan●g 184 draws gre〓at attention〓 and spurs d●ebate air traffi◆c control b○out among vi◆sitors."It is a road〓 untaken with unfo●reseen cha◆llenges, so we have ●to work very○ hard to keep being■ ahead in th○e competitio◆n," said Wang.Ple◆ase scan the 〓QR Code to ○follow us ○on InstagramPlease● scan the Q●R Code to ●follow us on Wech〓atThe telec○ommunications ◆industry is● all about○ connecting

c●allers with peopl○e from anyw●here and at anyt○ime. Do you l○ive in the jung○les of Borneo■ and want t■o call a f○riend who m○oved to Addis Adab■a, Ethiopia◆?China Breakthrough○s: SAIL ahea●d on South Atlant■ic cable network●China Breakthroughs:● SAIL ahead on So○uth Atlantic◆ cable network○07-05-2017 14:50 BJT○The telecommunicat○ions industry is a○ll about con◆necting callers wit○h people from any●where and at a○nytime. Do you live ■in the jungles of Bo●rneo and want to c■all a friend who◆ moved to Ad●dis Adaba, E●thiopia?Yes you ca

n■, since com◆panies in the tele〓com sector have bui〓lt extensive fiber-o〓ptics cable lines a●nd networks to open ■up a global chain◆ of phone lines

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and ●internet service ●for the rich and〓 poor; farmers〓 and city-dwellers, ■as well as the youth■ and senior citizens○.Chinese telecom○s and related e◆quipment manufac●turers have played c○rucial roles to c●onstruct fiber opti◆cs cables on land a○nd at sea, also at■ home and ●abroad.Last month, C●hina Unite■d Networ

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k C●ommunications ●(China Unico○m) signed an● agreement with〓 Cameroon Teleco●m (CamTel) to co〓nstruct a 〓South Atlantic Int●er Link (SAI■L) cable n●etwork, 6,000-km. ●in length.Fro〓m Cameroon to B●razilChina Unicom an◆d CamTel will work● with Huawei■ Marine Net●works Co. Ltd., a ●submarine cable n●etworks

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